Donnerstag, 12. April 2012

12 by 12 (and Day 11 & 12 of "Photo a day by Fat Mum Slim)

Heute ist wieder 12 von 12 organisiert von "Draußen nur Kännchen!".
Haben wir nicht gerade noch die 12 Bilder im März geknipst? Herrje...
Auch in den USA wird bei "Dear Lizzy" heute diese Aktion wieder gemacht. Sehr spannend.

Today it is 12 by 12 - time. Organized in Germany by "Draußen nur Kännchen!".
Didn`t we shoot the 12 March pictures yesterday??? Time is running...
Even in the USA there is this great 12 by 12 collection. Organized by "Dear Lizzy". Very exciting.

Let`s start my day at 7.00 a.m.! Oh date with my car for new summer tires:



Car is parked, climbing up a lot of STAIRS (and shot photos for Day12 of "Photo a day April" challenge of Fat Mum Slim)

Exkurs: Day 11 (yesterday) was "where you ate breakfast"

My photo:

(Exkurs finished!)

Entering my agency and bought a second coffee. Yummie!

Shooting and blogging for "Beauty is where you find it" by Nic.


Desert: milkrice with sugar and cinnamon

Apocalypse now. But after rain comes the sun ;-)
So roller blinds down...

Same procesure as every year. Our trainer from soccer club 1. FC Köln is fired!

Finding a postcard from the other soccer club which is almost relegated: Hamburger SV in my handbag from last weekend.
But they are fighting, guys!!!

Finishing this post and drive home now. Looking forward to read through these two wonderful NYC guides!!!! YEAH!

More 12 by 12 in German here. In USA here.

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